By Reinhard Zollitsch

When you have planned a sea kayaking trip around the Camden, ME area but wind, tide, fog or the skill level of your travel partner(s) won’t let you do it, don’t be dismayed, there is a very doable and equally interesting 5-6 mi trip on the other side of “them there hills”: the trip from Norton Pond in Lincolnville to Barrett’s Cove near Camden on Lake Megunticook.

Put-in is at the gravel ramp near the impressive new wood bandstand pagoda off route #52 and Norton Pd. Rd. After 1.2 mi down the lake you enter a small winding river, which goes through a big metal CULVERT into Lake Megunticook. It has hardly any current, so you could traverse it in either direction, and it is big enough not to make you feel claustrophobic. I have taken my family and lots of friends through there over the years and everybody without exception loved the experience.

Shooting the culvert
Shooting the culvert

Lake Megunticook is also a gem of a lake. It is surrounded by mountains, has an intricate lobed granite-and-pine shoreline, has interesting passages like the Narrows and has lots of wildlife including loons, mergansers, wood ducks, Canada geese, muskrats and beaver.

After going down the lake for another 3 miles, head left towards the white cross on Mt. Megunticook. Then follow that steep shore to the Southeast and head for the swimming beach in Barrett’s Cove. You can drive there to leave a car or your shuttle bike via route #52 and Beaucaire Ave.

A great leisurely family or friends trip with lots of things to see and do, including hiking and picnicking on Fernalds Neck. And don’t forget to bring a chart and field glasses.

See you there next Spring.

© Reinhard Zollitsch

Shooting the culvert
Shooting the culvert (detail)